Bid Team Leader (Multiple Locations)

We are looking for a leader to build on and develop our team of highly motivated and talented individuals who bid our projects.

Creative, organised, inspiring, knowledgeable, empathetic, experienced, challenging, strategic, fun – are just some of the things we are looking for.

Initially you will line manage our small team of individuals based around the UK, but you will have a strong mandate from the business to grow that team and a commitment from us to invest in winning.

We want someone who will work with the people we have, support them, develop them, enthuse and inspire them. We also want someone who can identify where we can add to our team and recruit to strengthen it. Bid managers, writers, graphic designers, analysts… are just some of the people we might want to bring in.

Our ideal person will be able to work with a high degree of autonomy, but also be very collaborative. Our senior leaders like to get involved and we want someone who will challenge our thinking to help us build the best.

Our vision for bidding

Our vision is to create a central team who work together to deliver bidding excellence and help us win.

The team will work directly on our most important strategic bids, but at the same time build a centre of excellence. The ‘go to’ place for all our bid makers who can reach into it and quickly access to our best material.  

Our Story

The Ramboll we know today is the direct continuation of the story our founders started in 1945.

Johan Georg Hannemann was the highly talented engineer, Børge Johannes Rambøll was a strong humanist and social visionary acutely aware of the company's role in the development of society.

Over the next 60 years, the small partnership evolved into an international multi-disciplinary engineering company. But the small consultancy laid the ground for the Ramboll we know today -  A highly principled company with a clear philosophy.

Ramboll and Hannemann had strong personal beliefs and their convictions have served Ramboll well. Their Philosophy was ahead of it’s time and is entirely relevant today. 

"The essence is that you have to behave properly and decently as a person and treat all others as you wish them to treat yourself. This relates to individual customers, colleagues and society as a whole”.

The highest ethical standards, responsibility towards society and happy staff underpin our approach to business.

Today we stand upon the shoulders of our predecessors and continue to build the company upon the legacy created by our founders.

We fundamentally believe in people’s inherent ability and understand the inspirational solutions we provide to our customers across the globe are entirely dependent on people’s creativity, insight and integrity.

Our local experience and understanding, combined with our global expertise, our strong ethical policies and our wholehearted determination to exceed expectations ensures we generate rigorous and exacting solutions for everything we undertake.

Why Ramboll

Our world is changing fast. We stand at a crossroads with society facing unprecedented challenges, the likes of which we have never seen before: natural resources are becoming scarce and yet energy consumption is rising; population is growing rapidly in developing countries, whilst it is ageing significantly in the developed world; infrastructure either doesn’t exist or is over capacity and failing; our climate is changing and the extremes we are seeing will become the norm; our economies are unbalanced and the gap between the haves and have not’s is wider than ever.

Solutions to these problems can be found in the philosophy laid down by Ramboll and Hanneman. It’s about doing less with more, acting with integrity, being able to empathise, taking the long view and developing holistic solutions. 

As a business we are ideally placed to help respond to these challenges, so we come to the table, draw on our skills, contribute fully and have established ourselves as The Society Consultant.

We stand for creating inspiring, exacting and enduring solutions that enable people and nature to flourish. We are socially responsible. We believe in making a difference and developing sustainable societies. We bring a human touch.

We have an international outlook blended with Nordic principles and British engineering strength. In short, we are a unique high-quality consultancy with a deeply ethical standpoint.

Our distinctive approach has seen us nurture and build a truly diverse, unique, world-class and award-winning portfolio.

What sets us apart - The Human Touch

We display the human touch in everything we do. It sets us apart and allows us to grow as individuals and as a group.

Our work is of immense value to our clients. Our projects give back to the communities they sit in. We design in a responsible way – minimising the use of materials and minimising the energy needed to construct our projects and the energy in use. Socially responsible design is good design – it doesn’t cost more, but it does take special people with special mind sets to do it.

Our Scandinavian heritage sets us apart and foundation ownership makes a huge difference for the people who work with us and the people we work for.


Please apply with your CV and Cover Letter via the link below.

You must have eligibility to work in the UK.

Ramboll is an equal opportunity employer.

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