ASEAN Building Director


The role will be a Regional role covering the ASEAN region but will be based in the Ramboll Singapore office. It is anticipated that work will be sought and secured from a number of different Countries within the ASEAN region and therefore it is expected that the ASEAN Director will be required to travel to a number of Countries in order to successfully carry out the role.

ASEAN is within the Ramboll Middle East and Asia (MEA) Primary Business Unit and therefore the ASEAN Buildings Director will report to the MEA Director of Buildings (whom is based in the Middle East).

The Ramboll ASEAN Buildings Business was established 4 years ago and currently consists of 12 to 15 personnel. The successful candidate will lead the ASEAN Buildings Business, building on the work carried out by the outgoing ASEAN Buildings Director, with a remit to further establish the business and increase market share within the Region.

Ramboll also has other Business Units operating in the Region and the ASEAN Buildings Director will be expected to collaborate with these other Business Units where necessary.

The Role Description is presented in elemental topic areas which accord with those of the Staff Performance Review system.


  • Responsible to and reports to MEA Director of Buildings (CMD)
  • Responsible for the Company’s development and performance in ASEAN
  • Responsible for performance of other staff
  • Responsible for Company performance in areas of specialism assigned to their development


  • Effective management of a number of concurrent project teams and Company tasks, to meet both Company and Client objectives.  Management to address the principle issues of time, quality, cost, Customer Satisfaction and profitability
  • Plan, direct and co-ordinate activities of assigned projects in conjunction with the appointed Company project managers
  • Monitor legislative compliance by all staff in assigned tasks
  • Ability to work unsupervised at all times
  • Exemplary  management of staff in all aspects to set example and to effect control of quality, output and behaviour
  • Leadership skill in developing and motivating project and task orientated teams who require low levels of management to succeed.
  • Exemplary ability in managing the expectation of others and displaying integrity in so doing, both within and external to the Company.
  • Exemplary levels of ownership of tasks and issues plus adoption of responsibility for discharging these
  • Interview and appoint candidates as new employees, within the Company’s budgets
  • Partake in meetings to assess and resolve human, IT and other resource needs to meet project and task requirements
  • Undertake annual reviews of staff performance


  • Develop relationships with Clients and other professional team members which will engender future business for the Company
  • Partake in institutional, industry body or similar activities to promote Company and personal profile
  • Take part in network building and marketing activities on behalf of the Company
  • Contribute to the production of marketing, display and promotional media
  • Produce presentation material and make presentations to external parties and potential Clients when required to do so
  • Obtain Client feedback on performance, satisfaction and always attempt to obtain referrals
  • Obtain new and repeat commissions
  • Ensure photographic / image and text records of all projects are made available for marketing purposes


  • Ability to lead and develop product/service streams as stand alone cost centres
  • Monitor and control project profitability
  • Monitor and control cost centre commercial performance as informed by financial KPIs and other data from Finance
  • Consistently reduces debtor day exposure to obtain performance at or below the Company's set targets.  Prevents debtor days rising above preset maxima.
  • Effects exemplary credit control and minimises exposure to unauthorised Client/Customer debt
  • Excellent awareness of matters which affect commercial viability of projects and Company fees
  • Clear understanding of the relationship of Commercial and Political interaction in project success
  • Excellent knowledge of the duties and obligations placed upon the Company by varying forms of Appointment Contracts and methods of project procurement, both standard and hybrid
  • Minimises the Company's liabilities in all matters
  • Produce Pre-qualification Submissions, Fee Bids and Tender Returns for new commissions
  • Avoid fee bidding opportunities which would provide no advantage to the company’s financial position or its reputation
  • Manage within annual budgets for office/group/team (as applicable) and within fee income target framework set by Executive Board and Company Business Plans
  • Regularly update all fee projections, expenditure projections and fee income projections within the Company financial forecasting process
  • Excellent ability at identifying and managing risks to the Company’s financial status on projects, inclusive of recovery of additional costs and debt
  • Knowledge of the Company’s cost base, charging and cost rates and the value of deploying all forms of resource
  • Planning and managing resource commitments to projects within available fee structures
  • Manage the appointment of sub consultants including the raising of purchase orders for their appointment, approval of their invoices for payment and their inclusion within the Company expenditure forecasting process
  • Receive and negotiate appointment contracts, taking cognisance of and reducing risks to the Company’s commercial well being.  Refer such contracts to more senior Directors for review prior to acceptance
  • Safeguard the Company against commercial risk and protect its financial well being
  • Maximise profit from all projects undertaken by the Company whether acting alone in charge of projects or in collaboration with others to support their projects


  • High degree of knowledge and ability in own engineering discipline
  • Good knowledge of other related engineering disciplines and ability to represent these at strategic level on projects
  • Responsible for the application of the Quality Management System and other Company procedures/systems to all tasks
  • 15 years minimum general experience of the construction industry and a knowledge of factors which effect the industry, particularly projects to be constructed in ASEAN.  Ideally at least 2 years operational experience in the ASEAN market
  • Appreciation of the effect of Client objectives and drivers in arriving at technical solutions which meet their varying needs
  • Exemplary degree of accuracy in own work
  • Ability to explain and present technical matters and solutions to varying audiences with variable  levels of knowledge
  • Reliably excellent standard of technical accuracy in personal report writing and of management and coordination of the input from others to achieve required quality
  • Skill at presenting design options and solutions in sketch or outline form for the development of detail by others
  • Excellent ability at describing designs and project requirements in the form of specifications and technical briefs
  • Excellent knowledge of standard and hybrid forms of Construction Contract and their implications on the content and portrayal of designs, including their integration with tender documentation
  • Chair and record project design reviews.  Review all Company products on projects for compliance with quality system requirements and compliance with Client brief
  • Ensure legislative adherence by the Company on all projects


  • Exemplary quality and clarity of written and oral communication, both within and external to the Company
  • High quality of capturing data and information at meetings and the transfer of this to project teams in legible formats and within adequate time scales
  • Good report writing skill and style to deliver information clearly, succinctly and unambiguously
  • Good ability to communicate with staff at all levels and deliver information clearly, succinctly and unambiguously to varying recipient styles


  • Manage and monitor the use of the Company brand
  • Encourage staff to maintain a balanced and respectful attitude towards corporate issues, decisions and systems by example
  • Represent the Company in a positive and reputation enhancing manner
  • Protect and defend the Company’s reputation if the need arises
  • Support and portray the interests of the whole Company
  • Flexibility in assigned tasks


  • Display commitment to the Company, its Clients and projects as required
  • Display commitment to the staff
  • Set an example to other employees
  • Display reliability and integrity


  • Exemplary team work with sub-ordinates, peers and more senior Directors
  • Effective leadership, by example
  • Manage staff without conflict
  • Motivate project and task teams to succeed
  • Delegate effectively
  • Ability to act as mentor to more junior staff
  • Ability to coach future senior managers


  • Develop relationships with Clients and other professional team members which will engender success and avoid confrontation on projects
  • Develop relationships with in-country Alliance company and operate collaboratively to grow joint and individual market share
  • Develop relationships with Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers which will engender their support and response on projects whilst avoiding confrontation
  • Develop relationships with in-country and off-shore Sub Consultants and other Suppliers to the Company which will gain advantage for the Company in terms of cost, service and mutual contacts / opportunities
  • Work closely with Company Sponsor to leverage opportunity and avoid cultural/local issues which could adversely affect market penetration


  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Negotiator
  • Pioneer approach to operating overseas to build brand and reputation
  • Use of clear language, both written and oral
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Maturity and empathy in dealings with others and problems
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Analytical approach to problem solving and management
  • Ability to see matters from alternative perspectives
  • Ability to operate strategically and within the wider Company perspective


  • Maintenance of industry knowledge through CPD activities
  • Preferably a degree in a relevant subject
  • Ability to lead or specialise in a specific market sector or technical matter
  • Preferably Chartered Engineer
  • Preferably corporate Member of company recognised institution

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