Entry-Level Consultant/Summer Intern

The following position description conveys the general qualifications and responsibilities of our entry-level Associate positions. Please use this job announcement to submit your information for general consideration and for summer internship consideration. Please include a cover letter along with your resume. Note that for internships, we seek candidates who have completed their junior year. Some internships require the prior completion of 40-hr. HAZWOPER training in order to qualify for consideration..

Typical responsibilities may include:

  • Evaluating environmental (soil, ground water, air, etc.) sampling results to support environmental fate and transport assessments or to determine the extent and magnitude of contamination for the design of remedial measures
  • Critically reviewing, abstracting, and summarizing regulatory requirements for all areas of environmental compliance (e.g., scientific articles, Federal regulations)
  • Developing cleanup goals for contaminated sites using Federal and state environmental regulations
  • Conducting environmental assessments of industrial properties, commercial and residential developments, undeveloped properties, and hazardous waste sites
  • Helping to develop comprehensive site or facility investigations by collecting and analyzing data to characterize chemicals in soil, sediments, surface and ground water, air, and building surfaces
  • Participating on project teams, evaluating remediation and environmental control technologies, and developing and implementing plans for site remediation
  • Developing or using spreadsheets to estimate risk from exposure to various compounds
  • Writing draft sections of technical reports

Required Skills

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to communicate complex technical issues clearly and concisely to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Strong analytical abilities
  • Strong computer skills including solid spreadsheet and word processing skills
  • BS or MS degree in a relevant field of study
  • Willingness to travel at least 25% of the time for some Associate positions

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