Student Innovation Programme in Ramboll

Write your master thesis with us

Do you have high ambitions for your master thesis, and are you passionate about how digital technologies profound impact on today’s businesses will shape the businesses of the future? Do you have the ability to think in possibilities rather than limitations, and do you eager to explore your academic skills in a real business context? Then you should write your master thesis with us!    

Challenge yourself while challenging us

New technology and digitalisation has already reshaped several aspect of our business and created many new performance and productivity opportunities. While digital technology continues to evolve, and we still strive to create the best services and IT solutions, high demands are put on us. We must constantly be able to exploit the new opportunities and convert them into a valuable business context. This is not always a straightforward procedure, and this is why we need you! We need you to challenge us, inspire us and not least to disrupt us from the inside before we get disrupted from the outside. Thus, your recommendations will have a great influence on how our offered services and IT solutions will be further developed in Ramboll.

Explore new technologies

We are open for topic suggestions from you. However, the topics that make us curious concerns how technological trends can create business value. Here are some of our proposals:

  • Strategically use of AI and machine learning to help us make better decisions
  • Using VR and AR for improving the customer and employee experience
  • Automation of previously human-exclusive tasks and manually processes
  • How to benefit from advanced analytics by identifying patterns
  • Big data and algorithms to analyze trends, patterns and development of various classifications, prediction and forecasting systems.

What we offer

Besides getting the possibility to work with experts in your field of study and insight into a leading engineering, design and consultancy company, we offer you:

  • Sparring with an internal domain expert on your topic   
  • Access to relevant data
  • Resources that help you navigate our organization
  • The necessary IT equipment
  • An office space at our head quarter in Ørestaden, Copenhagen S
  • An opportunity to expand your professional network
  • Free lunch

About you

The greater your knowledge base and level of curiosity is the better we predict our match will be. You are an ambitious student who is passionate about exploring the digital innovation space and seeks an exciting opportunity to combine theory and practice. Moreover, you possess relevant technical insight and are currently enrolled in a study programme within data science, computer engineering, software development, or an equivalent education.

Join the student innovation programme

If you want to be a part of our Student innovation programme, please send us following information to now!

  • A description of your project idea
  • A little bit about yourself and your interests

Each application will be screened and interviews will happen on an on-going basis.

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